Respect Our Veterans: Maguire

Words have consequences. The Prime Minister quickly found that out when he was booed by the audience at his Edmonton townhall. He not only insulted the Veteran who asked the question, but he disrespected all the Veterans who are currently struggling to get the help they need from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). In that quip, he admitted that he broke a key campaign promise to Veterans.

The reason why the Prime Minister’s comments felt like a punch to the gut is that we see the Liberals spend millions of taxpayer’s money on ridiculous things. Either it be the moving expenses for political staff or $200,000 on an illegal Caribbean getaway. The government even found $10 million to pay off a convicted terrorist, but did not have any money to support our veterans. That’s why the Prime Minister’s comments sting.

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While I acknowledge they have increased the overall dollars spent through VAC, the Prime Minister’s comment that Veterans, “are asking for more than we are able to give” would make anyone’s blood boil. This is particularly galling as they have no problem spending taxpayer’s money on frivolous things.

During the last election campaign Justin Trudeau promised that he would not fight veterans in court, but he lied to Canadians.

As the Official Opposition, it is our job to ensure the Liberals don’t get away with their broken promises. Each and every day we will continue to shine a light on the transgressions of this government and get them to honour their promises they made to Veterans.

It is also inconceivable how the Prime Minister has yet to make a meaningful apology to Canada’s Veterans. Sorry does seem to be the hardest word.

Our Veterans deserve the utmost respect for their service to our country and the sacrifices that many have made in that endeavour. It is imperative that our elected officials lead by example in demonstrating this respect.

Larry Maguire, MP Brandon-Souris 

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