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  I am wondering why the dedication of a street in Melita, and named after Dr. Dizon, was not made more public? I saw it on my daughter's Facebook and then in the Melita paper--but after the ceremony. 

  Our family has been under Dr. Dizon's care since he arrived.  We are 94 and 92--wouldn't you call that extremely excellent care?  Dr. Dizon was there when he closed our parents' eyes in Melita Hospital. He delivered some of our grandchildren in Melita Hospital--those services were taken away from him.  How many surgeries as an esteemed surgeon did he conduct?  That was also taken away from him.  He endured all this and stayed on in Melita.  Others carried their careers elsewhere and were appreciated in other sectors.

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  How many nurses, old and retired, and new, have practiced their career under Dr. Dizon's supervision? Plus lab technicians, other staff, even kitchen and cleaning personnel, would have liked to have shown their respect on such a memorable occasion. His patients came from a huge area, not just Melita.  Were the residents of the PCH and Lodge made aware of this event happening? A nurse like Dorothy Lewis should have been there, but unasked?  Possibly Charlotte Cameron, too, who alongside Dr. Dizon, is helping to keep our hospital open.

  I'm sure the Hall in Melita wouldn't have held all the appreciative attendees who would have honoured Dr. Dizon but wouldn't it have been worth an attempt?  Standing on the street, clapping my hands with hundreds of others, might well have been a small compensatio --if that is all Melita could openly offer a doctor more deserving than that.

  Perhaps if our town were not preoccupied with erecting signs restricting trucks from entering and servicing this community, a small amount of thought could have been used.

  We should be honouring a member of this community for being on call 24 hours of every day, 7 days a week. What actually happened was that Dr. Dizon was summoned to come from his office to get his picture taken under a sign with five people in attendance.  Was the honour not only going to Dr. Dizon but to the Town Council and Town employees?

  And let's not forget, too, that Dr. Dizon bought a home here, pays taxes, raised and educated his family here, as well as being an active community member.


Lois Carr

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