Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
The Manitoba Lung Association recently received donations from the Melita Donor’s Choice in the amount of $670.53 and the Deloraine & Area Donor’s Choice in the amount of $2,548.00. Thank you to these generous communities!
The funds help to provide education and awareness programs to keep our lungs healthy. You also help to provide support for the one in five Manitobans who cope with lung disease every day and research for better treatment options.
While The Manitoba Lung Association runs a support group in Brandon called Best Breathers, we realize that not everyone can make the journey into the city to attend the monthly meetings.
Did you know we have another option called Better Breathers on Air? No travel required, this support group is as close as your phone.
The group is facilitated by an experienced health care professional over the telephone on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. The topics include chronic lung disease, treatment, symptom management and how to improve quality of life. This is an excellent chance to learn coping tips from others who live with chronic lung disease.
To join the support group, contact our partner Age and Opportunity at 204-956-6440 or 1-888-333-3121.  For more information on The Manitoba Lung Association programs visit www.mb.lung.ca

Gail Campbell
Westman Area Coordinator
The Manitoba Lung Association
204-725-4230  westman@mb.lung.ca
Box 20029 Brandon, MB  R7A 6Y8 

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