Manitoba storm slightly disappointed me

Okay, Mother Nature, this is not a challenge… I repeat this is not a challenge. I just had to make that clear before I stated, that I thought the storm was a little bit disappointing. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was still a pretty decent storm, and we did get a fair amount of snow, but I had my expectations set too high.

No, I am not a lover of winter, although my first paragraph may lead you to believe that. After last year’s two BIG winter storms, I had my sights set on that happening again for this year! Ohhh and you better believe that I most certainly learned from last year’s storms and was all ready to do things “better”. (Things only true Manitobans would say.)

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Let’s replay one of last year’s storms: It occurred December 25 and 26, 2017, causing a lot of snow in a short period of time.

1.) I did not have my shovel out of my shed and I could barely make it through the snow to go and get it. When I did finally go and get it I came back in side and watched T.V. because there was enough work put into getting my shovel, I decided I deserved a break!

2.) It took me two hours to shovel myself out of my place and to my car. ( I didn’t do any shoveling until the morning and woke up to A LOT of snow.)

3.) I brilliantly didn’t have any food in my place, because it was Christmas time and everyone else usually feeds me HAHA.

4.) No food required me to contemplate using my snowshoes and walking to Tim Hortons, or a much easier solution just driving my car to get some food. Of course I picked the lazy way out, as I just spent a ton of time shoveling.

I go to back my car out… get about two maybe three feet and get stuck. I was certainly going nowhere. So, knowing that I would have to shovel my car… I went inside and took another break and watch TV, until I finally decided that I should go and save my car from the mess I put it in.

The second BIG storm happened in March, very similar timing to this year’s. I almost nailed storm protocall on the head, but then I decided that I should go and get a workout in. I got in my car, successful got out of the parking lot, got to the gym… got my workout in. On the way home I thought that I would check out things around town and ended up getting myself stuck! Boom another unsuccessful Manitoba winter storm!

Now, fast forward to this year’s storm. I wasn’t making the same mistakes twice that’s for sure. I was certain that I was going to nail the preparation for this storm, I was determined to put an end to the “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” motto. This time around….

1.) Shovel went inside of my place. There was no way that I was letting that thing out of my sight.

2.) I went out and shovelled A LOT (Every two hours), Which is a lot easier process than shoveling it all at once.

3.) I stocked up on food, before the storm was supposed to hit, I might have a slight fear of being even a little bit hungry. All of this preparation lead me to safely enjoying a day in the home office. There was no getting stuck, no passing out from excessive shovelling and I most certainly did not go hungry. 

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