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Recently, I’ve met a man who lives in Melita by the name of George. (I won’t indicate whether that’s his real name because if I said it was, I might be revealing his true identity and if I said it wasn’t, I’d be lying). First impressions suggest that he’s a really good guy and, in the course of our first conversation, we discovered that we had a common interest – we both enjoy playing pool, although how well had yet to be determined!
My pool history goes back a long way. Forty-five to fifty years ago, I used to frequent a country club that was owned by the company that my Dad worked for. It had a snooker table, a massive one that was six feet wide by twelve feet long. It was the first table I had ever seen…and because, at that point in my life, I didn’t come across any other tables, I quickly got used to that size and thought nothing of it.
Fast forward those forty-five to fifty years and I’ve encountered many more tables. I dated a girl (before I met my wife, of course) who had a pool table in her family home; I played with friends in various pool lounges and then, just a little over three years ago, my wife (Linda) and I purchased one to give us an excuse to go down to our otherwise unused finished basement.
All of those tables were much smaller, four feet by eight feet. It may not sound much smaller, but…
Last Thursday, the aforementioned George and I went to the Golden Age Club in Melita to prove that our playing skills matched our bragging skills! I was somewhat hesitant about entering a place that called itself the Golden Age Club. When it comes to age, I admit that I’m sort of in a state of denial, but even if I wasn’t, Golden Age still feels like it should be something that’s years away! But, despite my apprehensions, I went in anyway.
The first thing – actually, the first person – I saw was someone that I already knew. A man by the name of Barry (I won’t reveal whether that’s his real name because if I said it was, I might be revealing his true identity and if I said it wasn’t, I’d be lying). Barry was in the Club doing some jogging. George asked him if he’d be interested in joining us for a game or two of snooker and I was glad about that, because I figured Barry would likely be worn out from doing all that running, which means that at least I’d be able to beat someone once the game began!
But…I’ve run out of space for this week, so make sure you get the paper next week to find out what happened!
I’d love to see you at the Pierson Bible Chapel this Sunday. Please join us at 9:30 a.m.
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