Anxiety Over the Oscars

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Lindsey Vonn is a high-profile figure in the world of sports. An American, she is one of the best skiers in the world and has quite the resume – four World Cup championships (only one other woman has done that), an Olympic gold medal (the first American woman to have done that) and eight World Cup season skiing titles. She may be one of the most dominating skiers…ever!

Not only that – she is quite photogenic (another way of saying that she is quite attractive), so she gets lots of photo op moments and advertising opportunities. Those pay quite well! All that has translated into financial success – she is a ‘millionairess’… several times over.

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And, as if those accolades weren’t enough, she has even dated…are you ready for this? She has even dated Tiger Woods – for a couple of years! Well, if that just don’t beat all!

Lindsey decided to take life to the next level this past Sunday by stepping out on the red carpet at the Oscar awards. The red carpet extravaganza is not just for anyone, you know. You have to have arrived, or be holding the arm of someone who has to step on that prestigious carpet.

Lindsey had arrived! By her own admission, it was the most nerve-wracking experience of her life. Worse than traveling downhill faster than eighty-five miles an hour! Worse than competing in the finals of an Olympic gold-medal final! Even more stressful than being followed around by the paparazzi who trailed her and the Tiger!

Part of the anxiety came in deciding what to wear! What a life! She finally chose her gown… and revealed it, via a drawing, prior to wearing it in public. And, horror of horrors, when her moment came, she strutted down the red carpet, wearing her well-thought-out gown…without the sleeves that were shown in the drawing!

Oh, my goodness!!! It seems as if, when putting it on, something went wrong with one of the sleeves, creating a very frantic moment. Not knowing what to do, she brought out the scissors and cut them off – and, if you can believe this, walked the red carpet in a sleeveless gown! (Gasp!) Be still, my racing heart! It was, as she confirmed in a post-red-carpet interview, probably her most stressful moment – ever!

OK, these things happen! Often, life doesn’t go quite as planned – we often have to make lastminute improvisations. But…really? Did it need to create that much anxiety?

And, what I wonder about even more – does something like that really need to make headlines around the world? Is it really something that we need to know about? Why is it that such silly things are gobbled up by the media? Why are we fascinated by such trivial matters?

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