Waskada graduation a special day for students

Waskada School Grade 12 graduation was held on Tuesday, June 26. Following the banquet, the ceremonies were held in the school gym. Principal Dayna McFarlane of Waskada School was the emcee for the evening. She invited the graduates to process to the stage. Bennett Ratcliffe accompanied the singing of O Canada. “Welcome everyone and congratulations to the graduates. I have taught them all and watched them grow academically and socially. They are all unique individuals and I’m confident you are ready to move on. You have gained the skills needed to be successful, contributing members of society.”

Cindy Cassils brought remarks from the Southwest Horizon School Division. “It’s been my honour to serve on the school board the past eight years and I feel strongly my replacement will keep the spirit and share the fundamental beliefs of the board. We believe in high levels of success for everyone and is why we introduced Culinary Arts a few years ago. As well, there are Industrial Arts opportunities and most recently at Deloraine School, half the space of the old gym is being renovated into a wood shop. I strongly encourage everyone to take a vested interest in school activities.

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Superintendent Carolyn Cory offered congratulations and greetings. “You have reached a milestone worthy of celebration, and now you will really discover who you are. I just want to ask one question - Who are you going to be? What kind of person do you want to be?” She then shared the story of Horton the Elephant who had to choose everyday who he would be. “He helped a friend by sitting on her egg - he had to decide every day whether to abandon the egg or stick it out. And he decided every day to be true to his word. “I meant what I said, I said what I meant, an elephant’s faithfulness is 100 per cent.” Horton had integrity - he did the right thing even when he didn’t have to. His words matched his actions. He found success and I know you will as well,” she concluded.


Lions Subject Awards were presented by Dawn Minne

  • ELA 40 S - Josie Meggison
  • Applied Math 40S - Josie Meggison
  • Chemistry 40S - Josie Meggison
  • Yearbook Certificate of Merit (presented by Dayna McFarlane) - Josie Meggison

Honour Roll Certificates

  • Grade 7: Rylee Kehler (Proficiency Award)
  • Grade 8: Jesse Brown, Jacob Holinaty, Charlie Lee (Proficiency Award), Jordan McGregor, Bennett Radcliffe, Tristan Saltel
  • Grade 9: TJ Bennie received the Proficiency Award (presented by Waskada Community Foods, Dominic Flannery, (Jillia Meggison, Nolan Wickham
  • Grade 10: (Legion Men presented by Rick Renwick) - Deklen Smart
  • Grade 11: Faith Holinaty, George Meggison (Proficiency Award)
  • Grade 12: Krista Gervin, Josie Meggison (Proficiency Award)
  • Waskada Community Foods Grade 9 Proficiency Award - TJ Bennie
  • Legion Men’s Poppy Fund Award ( presented by Rick Renwick) - Josie Meggison
  • Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary Award (presented by Debbie Spence) - Krista Gervin
  • Credit Union Award (Tanis Bennie) - Josie Meggison
  • Prairie Vision Arts Council Scholarship (Dayna McFarlane) - Josie Meggison
  • Boundary Co-op Scholarship Award (Elmer McCallum) - Josie Meggison
  • Memorial Scholarship in Honour of Dawson Pentecost, Gage, Logan and Darren Spence (Lorna Spence) - Kylie McCallum-Andries
  • Municipality of Brenda-Waskada Award for postsecondary (Head of Council, Gary Williams) - Josie Meggison
  • Municipality of Brenda-Waskada Award for community involvement (Gary Williams) - Krista Gervin
  • Certificates of Congratulations from MLA of Arthur-Virden (Dayna McFarlane presented on behalf of Doyle Piwniuk)
  • Certificates of Congratulations from MP for Brandon-Souris were presented by Larry Maguire
  • Southwest Horizon General Proficiency Scholarship (Carolyn Cory) - Josie Meggison
  • U of M Chown Centennial Scholarship (Dayna McFarlane) - Josie Meggison
  • Governor General’s Medal (Dayna McFarlane) - Josie Meggison

As is tradition at Waskada School graduations, there was a gift presentation to those who were involved in the ceremonies. Gifts were presented to the decorators, musicians and guest speaker.

Dayna McFarlane, Cindy Cassils and Carolyn Cory presented diplomas:

  • Krista Gervin – With Distinction
  • Trisha Klatt
  • Kylie McCallum-Andries
  • Josie Meggison – With Distinction

Josie Meggison was the guest singer, accompanied on guitar by her cousin George Meggison. “I went through tons of songs trying to pick just the right one and it was taking too long, so I wrote a song, and it’s called “Our Way”. Listening to Josie sing is always a pleasure and a moving experience. This moment was no exception as she stirred the souls of her classmates, teachers, friends and family with this beautiful original song.


Kylie McCallum-Andries gave the Valedictorian address. “I joined this group in Grade 10 and the time has gone by very fast. It will be sad not to see each other as often so we will dedicate the weekends to getting together and having fun. Thank you to our parents and teachers who let us learn from our failures and helped us celebrate successes. We learned that life isn’t so much about what happens as how we handle it. You have so much potential and your future is bright.”

A slide show was presented, including several photos of each graduate through their 12 years of school.

God Save the Queen was sung, accompanied by Krista Gervin on the piano. The graduates exited the stage to remove their graduation robes and returned in their graduation finery, along with their escorts for the Grand March. 

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