Town of Melita Council Minutes

August 13. Called to Order 9 a.m.

Present in the Council Chambers: Mayor Bill Holden, Councilor Ray Smithson, Councilor Brian Teetaert, Councilor Jocelyn Skelton, Councilor Eric Forster, CAO Sandra Anderson

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Estimated cost to repair the dike is at $60,000. All the repairs have been completed. The Town is only waiting for the manufacturer of the flood gates to adjust and check all three gates.


The final part of the clay-lined lagoon is now being installed. This final system is designed to treat effluent at very low temperatures. Completion date is scheduled for April 30, 2019.

Nuisance Ground/Recycling

Scheduled date to rent a wood chipper is from October 1 - 5. Notice will be sent out with the water bills.


The monument at Central Park along with the sidewalk are in need of repairs. A grant is being sourced to help with the costs.

Melita Swimming Pool

The water in the swimming pool was tested and did not pass the required standard. The pool was closed by the health inspector on August 13 and a new water sample was submitted. (Post meeting: The water passed the test and the pool reopened again on August 20. The pool is now closed for the season.)


A golf ball damaged the windshield of the Town truck.

The skid steer tracks were replaced

Melita Curling Club

The air conditioner was repaired.


Planks on some bleachers need replacing

Some sewer caps at the campground need replacing

Economic Development

Welcome signs to Melita. The project costs were $4,500, where $1,000 would come from a Hometown Manitoba grant and the Town of Melita would pay the remaining $3,500. Council decided not to pursue the welcome signs at this time.

Local projects submitted by the Town of Melita to the grant program, Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) but waiting for approval

$120,000 Street Rehabilitation Project – for North and Walter Thomas Street sections, with the work done in 2019. If approved, the cost allocation would be: $72,000 (60%) federal gov’t; $39,960 (33.3%) provincial gov’t; $8,040 (6.7%) Town of Melita.

$125,000 Upgrade of the South Lift Station. Proposed work to be done on the 25-year-old station: supply and installation of new pumps, magmeter, discharge elbows, check valves, stainless steel piping and panel. Work timeline is expected to be four years, from January 2019 to January 2023. If approved, the cost allocation would be: $50,000 (40%) federal gov’t; $41,625 (33.3%) provincial gov’t; $33,375 (26.7%) Town of Melita.

Meeting adjourned at 2:38 p.m. 

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