Tilston 4-H Beef Club holds annual Achievement

Tilston was booming with excitement Saturday, June 1, as 32 Tilston 4-H Beef Club members showed their animals at the annual Tilston 4-H Beef Club Achievement. The afternoon began with the Cloverbud and PeeWee programs at 3:00 p.m. These young members were hot, hot from the sun but showed with drive and passion as they were so excited to showcase their animal and all the work put into the project. Lee McMillen from Carievale, SK was this year’s judge. MC was Karen Van Buuren and Ringmen were Kelsey Schuddemat and Nick Fletcher. Supper was served between programs with over 200 people enjoying the buffet meal. The beef program started after dinner and all members showcased their animals. Continuation heifer class, showmanship, heifer and steer classes, and, of course, ended the night with judging results and book awards. These young people start in the fall with their projects as well as holding meetings once a month, fundraising, fun events, public speaking and much more. A great program to be involved with. Prizes, donations, and funds from community members, businesses, and club families enabled each member to receive items to further their years in the beef program such as clipboards, halters, brushes, pails, etc. Taking part in the program is rewarding for each member and family. The last item of business was the club’s annual silent auction, where items were up for bid throughout the night. The club made some great profits thanks to everyone who donated to the auction.

Cloverbud Grooming: Bently Ratcliffe, Quinton Serruys

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Jr. Cloverbud Showmanship: Bently Ratcliffe, Jake Sterling

Sr. Cloverbud Showmanhip: John Ratcliffe, Brianna Wheelans

Cloverbud/Pee Wee Steer Class: John Ratcliffe, Frankie Raynor

Cloverbud/Pee Wee Heifer Class: Jack Fraser, Myelle Minshull

Pee Wee Grooming: Arabelle Tilbury, Parkert Wheelans

Pee Wee Showmanship: Weston Ratcliffe, Parker Wheelans

Continuation Heifer: Kyleigh Magotiaux, Erica McNish

Junior Showmanship: Monty Forbes. Mac Minshull

Intermediate Showmanship: Makayla Duthie, Maisey Minshull, Riley Bugg, Alex Duthie, Riley Whithome

Senior Showmanship: Kyleigh Magotiaux, Kallie-Jo Marsh, Beverly-Jean Downey, Autumn Kirkpatrick, Erica McNish, Kelly Wheelans, Mitchel Schuddemat, Connor Murray

Beef Heifer Class: Beverly-Jean Downey, Kyleigh Magotiaux, Connor Murray, Maisey Minshull, Autumn Kirkpatrick, Riley Bugg, Mitchel Schuddemat, Erica McNish, Kelly Wheelans

Beef Steer Class: Kyleigh Magotiaux, Connor Murray, Mitchel Schuddemat, Beverly-Jean Downeym Makayla Duthie, Riley Bugg, Mac Minshull, Autumn Kirkpatrick, Riley Whithome, Alex Duthie, Erica McNish, Monty Forbes, Kelly Wheelans

All in all a fabulous day of showcased animals and fun. May have been super hot but when each member puts so much effort, drive and passion, their determination is amazing.

4-H Beef learn to do by doing… until next year!

© Melita New Era