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Dear Reena,
How can I get diesel fuel odour out of upholstered boat cushions that have foam inside of the material? Mike

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Dear Mike,
Begin by cleaning the cushions with dish soap and water. Blot the entire cushion and lay on the grass to air dry. When the cushions are dry purchase heavy-duty garbage bags and put one of the cushions inside of the bag with a sock filled with fresh coffee grounds (close with an elastic band), or a few dryer sheets or cotton balls soaked with vanilla. Use your vacuum nozzle to suck out all the air in the bag. Close the bag and leave for a day or two. Remove cushion and repeat steps with the next cushion.

Dear Reena,
I can’t seem to solve the problem of gravies and sauces separating after being frozen. I have tried cornstarch as the thickener instead of flour with no luck. Any suggestions?

Dear Janet,
Gravy may be frozen for several months. To prevent “skin” from forming on the top, lay a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap directly on the surface of the gravy before covering the container. If you know you will be freezing gravy, try to use as little fat and milk as possible so that it does not separate when thawed. You can reduce the chances of separation greatly if you run the gravy through a blender or food processor before freezing.

Feedback from Wise Contributor
Re: Cold Sores

I use and follow similar directions as the previous contributor for getting rid of cold sores. Wash the area with liquid soap and warm water for less than a minute around 2 - 3 times a day. Just before bedtime, apply an ice cube wrapped in a tissue onto the affected area and allow to dry overnight. It freezes the cold sore because it’s just another virus.

Easy Solutions for Everyday Challenges

  • • Here is a great use for leftover rice. Sometimes I make rice pudding- place rice in a bowl, add 1-2 cups of low fat cool whip, rinse half to 1 cups raisins and add about 2-3 tsp of cinnamon. Mix well and cool in fridge until needed. It is delicious. This would be for using about 2 cups of rice. Gail
  • • When barbequing hamburgers this summer, don’t press down on the meat when the burgers are on the grill. That will just press out moisture and you’ll end up with dry burgers. Dave

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