Olympic medalist highlights Sports Dinner fundraiser

This year’s Sports Dinner fundraiser is once again promoting an ice-related personality as its guest speaker - but this time it’s all about brooms, not sticks. Jill Officer, 2014 Women’s Curling Olympic Gold Medalist and 2-time Women’s World Curling champion (2008, 2018) is headlining this year’s event.

“We’ve never had anyone like her before,” said Brittany Walker, a Sports Dinner board member. “Usually it’s been hockey focussed. This year we decided to do something different.”

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The 6th annual fundraiser at the Melita Legion Hall on November 9 is expected to attract over 200 people. All money raised goes to the Communiplex building and renovations efforts.

“The ticket sales are good so far,” said Walker.” We’ve been fortunate that the same people and businesses support us every year. We couldn’t do it without such great community support.”

This year’s Sports Dinner is hoping to raise $20,000. And it’s the live NHL Hat Auction where the money really starts to flow. Participants bid on the 31 NHL team hats. Half of the proceeds from the auction funnels back to the participants of the auction. If you win the bidding on a ball cap of a team that ends the regular season in first place, you get 20 per cent of the money; last place team 20 percent; top-ranked team 20 per cent; and if the team ball cap you’ve won in the auction wins the Stanley Cup, you get 40 per cent of the money.

“It’s the biggest draw of the night - it’s a very important fundraising part of the night for us,” said Walker.

Added Communiplex Chairperson Glenn Vercaigne: “We will have a big announcement on that evening (Sports Dinner) regarding a new fundraising initiative that will help boost our efforts. Hope to see the community join us on November 9 at the Melita Legion Hall.”

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with Happy Hour followed by dinner at 6:30. For more information on tickets you can contact either Ron Rutherford (204-854-2586) or Orville Renwick (204-522-8686).

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