New Canada Post employees at Pierson

In today’s world of social media, it is nice to see that Canada Post keeps small town post offices a priority. All too often, when employees leave their positions, whether it be to retire or to move on to another job, it is sometimes easier to close down than to replace.

When the postmaster and assistant postmaster both retired at the end of July, it probably left residents of Pierson and surrounding area wondering whether they would close down the local post office instead of hiring replacements.

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Luckily for all, they didn’t and as of August 22, 2018, Morag Schonken of Pierson, has been hired as the new postmaster. Heather Daniels, also of Pierson, has assumed the responsibilities of assistant postmaster. Congratulations on your new positions.

Former postmaster Connie Gardiner, who had been employed by Canada Post for 27 years, and assistant postmaster Linda McCannell, who had been employed for 22 years, retired from their positions at the end of July. The community thanks them for the many years of service making sure the mail went through.

Congratulations and happy retirement to you both!

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