Municipal and School Board Elections 2018

Manitobans headed to the polls on October 24 to elect their leaders for the next four years.

Town of Melita Council: Mayor William Holden; At Large: Eric Forster, Grant Hume, Brian Teetaert, Jocelyn Skelton.

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Municipality of Two Borders – Reeve - Debbie McMechen; Ward 1 Councillors - Tom Dickson, Alan Jackson, Karen Jones; Ward 2 Councillors - Donna Brown, Robert Renwick, Don Wickham; Ward 3 Councillors - Tim McMechan, Sandra Clark, Aileen Tucker. LUD of Pierson - Bill Warren, Shannon Wang, Marnie McCutcheon.

Municipality of Brenda-Waskada: Head of Council - Jordan Morningstar; Ward 1 Councillor - Donna Stewart; Ward 2 Councillor - Kelly Guenther; Ward 3 Councillor - David VanMackelbergh; Ward 4 Councillor - Kirsty Mann; Ward 5 Councillors - Justin Hatt, Sterling Jolly.

Municipality of Grassland: Reeve - Blair Woods; LUD of Elgin - Wayne Penonzek, Jaye Cameron, Gray Enns; LUD of Minto - Terry Campbell, Blair Stuart, Greg Workman; Ward 1 Councillors - Ewen Mosby, Claude Martin; Ward 2 Councillors - Ron Bodin, Chris Mills; Ward 3 Councillors - Ruth Mealy, John Sparrow.

Rural Municipality of Pipestone: Reeve - Archie McPherson; Ward 1 Councillor - James Watt; Ward 2 Councillor - Garnet Williamson; Ward 3 Councillor - Gary Nicholson; Ward 4 Councillor -Randy Henuset; Ward 5 Councillor - Sheila Kuntz Kotylak; Ward 6 Councillor - Lane Wanless; Reston L.U.D. Barb Schiltroth and one vacant position.

Southwest Horizon School Division Trustees: Ward 1 - Allan Downey, Amelia Fewings; Ward 2 - Marla Gross, One Vacancy; Ward 3 - Brendan Hicks; Ward 4 - Julie Cwir, One Vacancy; Ward 5 - Janice McDonald.

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