Melita Nursery School acquires new teacher

Alison Lampertz is taking over teaching duties at the Melita Nursery School, which started classes on Thursday with nearly full enrolment numbers.

The school is running four classes two days a week; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In previous years, the school has hosted a variety of different teachers, but the lack of staffing forced the closure of the school in January. 

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Lampertz, a resident of Tilston, has her Level 3 in Early Childhood Education and has been working with preschool aged children for many years.  When talking about the children her care and excitement shine through.

“I am thrilled to be able to work with the children in your nursery school,” she said. “Our time in the classroom will be set up to encourage the children to learn through play.” 

Lampertz also laid out her plans for the year. Each day, she will host different activities to develop different skills. These activities will develop skills such as fine motor, problem solving, social skills, memory skills, emotional skills, language skills, logical thinking, cooperation, literacy skills, self-discovery, self-help skills, counting, identifying colours and shapes, and thinking skills. 

“It is through play that a child can take where they are developmentally and extend their knowledge and skill with guidance,” Lampertz said. “We will be doing art activities to develop their creativity and confidence so our art projects may not look the way we think as an adult they should look. We will concentrate on the process of the art, not the final product. This will encourage your child to explore different mediums, develop their creativity, and develop their confidence in knowing that they can do it on their own.”

The teacher expressed her desire to have excited students in her classroom and wants to ensure each one feels welcome. She will take time to speak to everyone individually and encourages group discussions among the youngsters. There’s lots of singing and dancing, playing, crafts and paintings on the wall.

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