Local youth curling enthusiasts selected to participate in Shur-Gro Future Stars Program

Courtney Skelton and Monty Forbes are two up and coming curling enthusiasts who were selected to participate in the Tim Hortons Brier Shur-Gro Future Stars program during the 2019 Brier held in Brandon, March 2-10. The program provided young champions of the future the opportunity to experience a taste of competitive curling at its very best and meet with the biggest names in the sport.

Selected applicants became honourary members of one of the teams and received:

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A commemorative Shur-Gro Future Stars jacket.

Tickets to a draw when their team was playing, including 2 draw tickets for their parents/guardians.

An official photograph with the team.

Arena entrance and introduction with the team at the pre-game ceremony.

On Monday, March 4, Courtney and Monty had the opportunity to stand with Team BC while they warmed up as well as having the opportunity to shake their hands and get their autographs. Following which, they got to be part of leading them on to the ice surface. Another highlight was a tour of the TSN broadcast van and sit at the commentators desk. For young curlers, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Courtney Skelton, daughter of Monica and Trent, is a Grade 9 student at Melita School. When asked what were some of the highlights of attending the Brier as a Shur-Gro Future Star, Courtney replied, “It was very cool being able to see everything right down at the ice surface and watch all of the teams warm up. Meeting Team BC was a super fun experience. All of them were so nice and asked lots of questions and were super interactive. We got to go on a TSN tour which included seeing their truck and sitting at the desk where the commentators sit! All around, it was an amazing experience!”

Monty Forbes, son of Sean and Kayle, is a Grade 6 student at Melita. When asked what were some of the highlights of attending the Brier as a Shur-Gro Future Star, he replied, “One of the highlights was being able to talk to Team BC and play around with some of the guys. Another highlight was that we went to the TSN trailer with a bunch of monitors and wire in it. We got to sit at the TSN table. We got a bunch of things from Team BC and we got to stand on the ice while they warmed up. I got my hat signed by Team Canada and got my picture taken with Brad Gushue. I also got my picture taken with the people that were Future Stars, too, and a picture with Team BC.”

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