Stop and focus on the signs of hope

Good morning everyone. As I sit down to write, the words do not come as many thought cross my mind, and focusing seems hard.

Mostly I think about mental health and how looking after it is so key for us each to get through our days.

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I have friends and family who are essential workers in healthcare and work in grocery stores. I think of them daily and message those I can. The stress is real.

One thought that came to me this morning was for each of us to monitor our mood.

Stop and think, “How am I feeling?”

If I find that my mood is sliding down, I modify my plans. Maybe an extra little walk outside. Maybe phone a friend. Maybe sit down and play the piano. I am challenging myself to learn and play more songs by ear.

The things to relieve anxiety are different for all of us. Feeling the feelings. Watch them floating by, down a river, acknowledge them, watch them, let them float away…

As human beings we don’t “store” very well. Our usual coping may be going out socially, replace that with phoning.

If you are used to going to church, there are services on-line or phone someone in your community/congregation. Get out your Bible, say a little prayer.

You are used to going for coffee with friends each day, pour yourself a coffee and phone a friend. There you are having coffee and conversation together.

If someone crosses your mind - someone very isolated, possibly lonely - don’t let them get to the other side, reach out to them how you can - a phone call, mail them a card, an email - whatever can be done.

Stop and focus on the signs of hope. Robins have been seen. The Canada Geese and crows have been back for a while. I saw a Marsh Hawk rising up from his wetland habitat, with dinner, a small vole or some such animal. A majestic Bald Eagle flew overhead. Many baby calves are enjoying this weather today.

A good friend of mine was celebrating his 67th birthday. Family and friends organized a parade, complete with honking, signs and streamers, that proceeded in from the highway and by the farmhouse and then back again. It was a birthday that did not involve cake -- but lots of caring and creativity.

Tap in to your creativity. I am wanting to draw and write and play music. Many get out a jigsaw puzzle - sometimes just what is needed if it is your thing!

Lots of things continue as usual. I think of all the farmers on their farms, calving their cows, doing the chores and planning for seeding .

People in banks, accountants, still have their work to do with modified protocols.

A sense of thanksgiving helps me with my day. Thanksgiving for a place to live, food to eat, for family and for the entertainment and companionship they give us. Take care everyone. Stay safe. Work on staying sane. One day at a time. And be aware of those signs of hope! 

© Melita New Era