Sacred Heart Annual Penny Parade

The Melita Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church held their annual Penny Parade and Bazaar at the Melita Legion Hall on Wednesday, October 23, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. The Penny Parade held the usual penny auction along with a bake sale, grocery hamper raffle, lunch and refreshments. The Cotton Attics Quilters and Sewing From the Heart group held a quilt display. The Sewing From The Heart group also had a display of some of the items that they sew and donate to charity.

The winners of the draws were as follows:

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  • Novel and coffee – Denise Teetaert
  • Jet’s t-shirt – Sandra Sterling
  • Glass pans and dish cloths – Eleanor Renwick
  • Electric skillet – Loretta Breemersch
  • Grey blanket – Dr. Dizon
  • Three grey baskets – Cheryl Stewart
  • Sheets and tea light set – Kayle Forbes
  • Purse – Diane Tilbury
  • Kitchen clock – Lorraine McNish
  • Pie plate and drying mat – Francis Olson
  • Rubbermaid and bag – Linda Hammell
  • Pot and scarf – Danielle Davies
  • Table manners sign – Marj Holmes
  • Serving trays – Anita Hodgins
  • Green thermos, cups and tray – Betty Mayes
  • BBQ set and dish cloths – Marj Anderson
  • Avon, hand cream and socks – Luanne Heath
  • Pool table and ivory throw – Vicki McMechan
  • LED candles, Souris Valley gift certificate – Marie Vinck
  • Home rules sign and Blossom Boutique gift certificate – Judy Jones
  • Soccer ball and toy – Della Barker
  • Grandkids sign and toy – Anne Preston
  • Cutting board and vinegars – Irene Mason
  • Tool bag and snacks – Florence Murray
  • Kid’s book and toque – Sylvia Hodgins
  • Bird feeder – Diane Mayes
  • Baby blanket, mortor/pestel – Pat Hammell
  • Soccer ball, toque – Deb Vanbeselaere
  • Mitts and friends sign -Faye White
  • Trunk and scarf – Karen Mossett
  • Toy, baby toque and scarf – Cutter Serruys
  • Sister sign, aroma décor and cup – Donna Jean McNish
  • Jumper cables – Carolyn Goforth
  • Turkey – Lorraine Jones

The event was a big success with lots of people from Melita and the surrounding are coming out to support!  

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