Pierson Library After-School Lego maker space receives Canada Post support

On the afternoon of Friday, October 4, Pierson Branch Library received $1,000 from the Canada Post Community Foundation for their Lego maker space project, in the town of Pierson, MB.

Community kids (and their parents!) will use the Lego Maker space for entertainment, social, and educational Lego play, after school and on days off. Funds will be used to purchase a Lego building table, chairs, and small Lego building blocks. This maker space will enable young people to occupy themselves at the library, fostering their education, creativity and social skills.

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This initiative will attract a dedicated group of young people to use our Lego maker space on a weekly basis. Together, they are looking for something interesting and fun to do, in a safe, well-lit and welcoming place. Lego is fun and engaging for small children all the way to adults.

Canada Post is proud to fund programs and services that make a difference in the lives of Canadian children and youth. Thanks to our retail employees and generous customers, the Canada Post Community Foundation is able to enrich the lives of thousands in communities across the country each year. 

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