Municipality of Two Borders - Committee of the Whole meeting

October 1, 2019

Minutes of the Municipality of Two Borders Committee of the Whole meeting held October 1, 2019. In attendance: Reeve McMechan, Deputy Reeve Wickham, Councillors McMechan, Dickson, Brown, Jackson, Clark, Jones and Renwick, Assistant CAO Danielle Stone-Lamontagne and CAO Grace Carr. Absent: Councillor Tucker.

Jones/Wickham: Reeve McMechan called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Carried.

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Wickham/Jones: Be it resolved that the meeting agenda as prepared by the CAO be adopted with the following additions: Road Allowance Policy, CAO Report. Carried.

Delegations, Hearings and Petitions

  • Foreman Report: The Foreman reported the following – Culbertson Crossing is complete other than dirt work; Rawhide Crossing is being cemented today and should be complete this month; 2017 DFA Site received approval for a cement culvert crossing at the site; the bridge located on the 23N between the 160W and 161W has been repaired; Kilfoyle Bridge will be repaired in the future; gravel crushing has started; 2020 gravel map is started; seven culverts are left to be installed.
  • CAO Report: CAO discussed the following with Council – quarterly indemnity payments; future calendar events; Equipment Committee meeting date; 2019 gravel budget amounts; 2014 DFA receivables.

Business Arising/ Unfinished Business

  • Foreman position: Council discussed their options for the Foreman position description.
  • Manitoba 150 Celebration Committee: Council appointed Councillor Jones, Reeve McMechan and Deputy Reeve Wickham to the Manitoba 150 Celebration Committee as their will be a joint celebration with the Town of Melita.
  • Utilities rate studies: Council reviewed the recommendations of Dale Lyle and discussed the possibility of combining the Pierson and Lyleton Utilities.

New/General Business

  • Accessibility Plan review: Council reviewed the Accessibility Plan and will report any changes needed at the regular meeting of council.
  • Map of school cairns: A map is available for Councillors to mark school cairns and green spaces.
  • Meeting with Cabinet Ministers: Council would like to meet with the Honourable Ron R. Schuler, Minister of Instrastructure, regarding Highway 83 and the infrastructure upgrades needed to classify this highway as an RTAC Road.
  • Canupawaka Dakota First Nation Community Centre fire: Council would like to send their condolences to the Canupawaka Dakota First Nations and ask if their require assistance as their Community Centre was heavily damaged in a fire.
  • Equipment Committee: The Equipment Committee set a date in October to discuss a 5 year equipment purchasing plan for future budgeting and reserve transfers.
  • Landfill Operations Basics Course: Council discussed sending the Seasonal Municipal Labourer to the Landfill Operations Basics Course held in Dauphin, MB from November 19-21.
  • Road Allowance Policy: Council would like to seek legal advice regarding the interpretation of Road Allowance Policy No. 7.1

Committee Reports

  • PR Committee: Councillor Clark reported that the vests they ordered are in.
  • Sourisford Park Committee: Deputy Reeve Wickham reported that Delnor Davies will be building the picnic table in honour of Margaret Sando (Elliot) who was born in the stone house located in Coulter Park.


  • Jackson/Clark: Be it resolved that the correspondence as presented be received as information. Carried.


  • Jackson/Clark: Be it resolved that Council does now adjourn at 3:45 p.m. Carried
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