Inklings: Coronavirus…Oops, I mean moving to Saskatchewan

It’s been a fascinating couple of weeks, to say the least! This Coronavirus…COVID-19 seems to have the whole world paralyzed with fear. Every time I turn the TV on, I hear about people contacting the virus, or dying from it; it’s wreaking havoc with the stock market and the price of oil; businesses are shutting down; schools are closing…where and when will it ever end?

Why, just this week…oh, forget it! Let’s talk about something different, shall we? Let’s finish up some unfinished business.

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About a month ago, I wrote about how life has taken me from Toronto…to Winnipeg…to Carnduff, Saskachtewin of all places. A place that I’d never even heard of before 2014. When I told my family and friends that we were moving to Carnduff, the reply was almost predictable – “Carnduff, I’ve heard of that. Isn’t that somewhere in Wales?” I suppose if you say ‘Carnduff’ quickly enough, it does sound a lot like ‘Cardiff’, the largest and the capital city of Wales. But when I exaggeratedly said ‘Caarnduuuuuuff’, well, they’d never heard of that, and their reply was also very predictable – “Where in the world is that?”

We moved there shortly after first learning where it was, back in 2014, and for the most part, it has turned out to be a very good move. It’s a nice little town…even though it’s a little further from our children than we’d like. It’s not Heaven, but it is a comfortable place to live.

And Sasktcahewan has turned out to be a better province than anything I had heard while I was living in Manitoba. I heard very little good about Saksachtiwan in my Winnipeg days…and had heard nothing about it at all in my Toronto days. I figured we were moving to a province that was, perhaps, a little backward and maybe even a bit redneck, but we’ve found Saskatcehwan to be a much better place than anything we’d heard. Perhaps my biggest challenge in living in Sakastchewan was learning how to spell it! I’m still working at it – that’s why I’ve typed Sachitskewan so much in this paragraph! Thank goodness for organizations like Canada Post and Revenue Canada, who suggest that we simply use the abbreviation ‘SK’ whenever we have to write out our address!

But something changed in Sakastichwan on February 1 of this year that is causing me to think that maybe Manitoba might have been a better place to live after all. The powers-that-be have implemented laws that make it tougher to drive in our province…and I don’t really like what’s happened. I’ll have to tell you about the changes next week…unless Coronavirus shuts me or the New Era down!

By the way, I think I’ve finally got it – SASKATCHEWAN!

We’re planning to have a Church service this Sunday at Pierson Bible Chapel at 9:30. But call me if you’re thinking of coming, just to make sure. 

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