Could baseball be the most boring live sporting event?

I’m the kind of sports fan who enjoys watching, listening, or reading about almost anything competitive. Football, hockey, ping pong or shopping cart races -it really doesn’t matter what “sport” it is, I’m interested.

But there is one very popular sport that other than during the playoffs I have a tough time watching live or on TV from beginning to end - baseball.

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I’ve been to baseball games at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Comiskey Park in Chicago, and the old Exhibition Stadium in Toronto and not once did I stay the entire nine innings.

Not once.

And everybody with me wanted to leave, also. They were by far the most boring live sporting events I ever attended. Couldn’t wait to get out of there. (Funny, I find baseball spring training in Phoenix fascinating and it holds my focus all day long but I suppose it’s because coaches are putting the players through their baseball workouts and for some reason to me that is really interesting to watch.)

With the MLB playoffs now at the World Series stage, every playoff game has been on TV and that means every night you’ve had a chance to view multiple games. If you’re a sports fan and you needed your sports fix, they were practically forcing you to watch baseball.

So I did what I normally do. I watched a couple of games. And similar to other times I’ve succumbed to being a fan of MLB at this time of the year, surprise, surprise, I found myself glued to the TV.

Most playoff games this year have been great.

I suppose when you play in a league where there are 162 regular season games, it’s kind of hard to have 162 riveting performances. That’s why the NFL with their 16-game regular season schedule is so engrossing. Every game is important. They all seem to matter.

Baseball? Too many regular season games. The game itself is slow with constant stoppages. During the regular season, most ballparks are typically half empty. Atmosphere is almost non-existent.

When you’re in the ballpark watching a game live, you’re so far from the action. Example, the baseball itself is so small that it’s impossible to see the ball leave the pitcher’s hand when he throws it from the mound at 90 miles an hour. I might be getting picky, but it’s a tough game to watch.

And the games run on for hours.

But the playoffs?

Packed houses and boisterous fans. The energy is palpable. Much easier for me to ignore the problems I associate with the game when the joint is rocking.

And for those of us who are card-carrying members of the sports fanatics club, we’ll usually take whatever sports we can get.

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