Christmas came early to Pierson School K-6 students

On Monday, December 9, Pierson School Grades 1-6 students gathered in their gym. At the front, were six wrapped presents! Mrs. Tracy Lee, on behalf of Pierson School Parent Advisory Council, spoke to the students about the purpose of a PAC and how they have worked together with the school to support the students and staff at Pierson School throughout the years.

PAC was excited to hear how awesome Pierson School students were playing with their existing outdoor equipment at recess time! A motion was made at the last meeting and passed to support our small school’s budget and supply funds to purchase more winter outdoor equipment.

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A volunteer from each grade was chosen to unwrap the surprises. The stuents were pumped and at the end of a joyous count down, the paper was quickly torn off the gifts, as the excited crowd hollered “Merry Christmas!” They received four hockey nets and street hockey balls, seven sleds, and 10 shovels.

Enjoy your new toys!

Pierson PAC is always looking for new faces to join this fun! Contact the school or existing members for more information. Parents of students and community members are welcome to join. Our board consists of Tracy Lee, Leanne Mayes, Galina Burnett, Donna McNish, Declan Alphonso, Michelle Clark, Caitlin Grey and Amy Fewings. Allan Downey is our Southwest Horizon School Board representative. 

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