Broomhill Women’s Institute Annual Meeting

Broomhill Women’s Institute held the annual meeting on November 6, at 1:30 p.m. in the Community Centre. The Creed was repeated in unison by those present. Motto: “To feel rich, count the things that money can’t buy”. Roll Call: Bring food items for Reston/Melita Christmas hampers, and write or find a poem about Remembrance Day. Six members answered the roll call. Though for the Day by Sylvia Halls – “The word “listen”, contains the same letters, as the word “silent”.

The Education Committee convenors gave most interesting reports. This part of our meetings are always looked forward to, hearing educational topics.

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The minutes of the last annual meeting were read.

The annual reports were received. The secretary report was published prior to this meeting. Treasurer Pat Dickson passed out spreadsheets for the year, showing everything balanced nicely.

Courtesy convenor Jean Dickson reported sending five sympathy and an anniversary card during the year.

Sunshine convenor Helen McConnell reported everyone stayed healthy this year, she didn’t have to purchase any rose bowls or fruit hampers.

After discussion and a motion carried, all officers agreed to remain in their respective offices for the coming year.

Our annual dues were paid today. A motion was passed that we raise our dues by five dollars.

Volunteer hour sheets and unknown sister forms were handed out for the coming year.

The date for our Christmas supper was set for December 1 at Chicken Chef in Melita.

 The Program Committee for 2020 are Nelda Wilkinson, Pat Dickson and Teresa O’Neill.

Teresa O’Neill’s birthday auction was won by Nelda Wilkinson.

Sylvia Halls and Helen McConnell gave a report on the Rural Women’s Day held in Brandon on November 2. An excellent program with six women speakers on a variety of circumstances in their lives.

 Helen McConnell demonstrated making cute little snowman, from white socks. A unique procedure that produced a variety of little snowman. Very creative.

Lunch was supplied and served by Sylvia Halls, ending an enjoyable afternoon.

We don’t have a December meeting and will meet again in early January. 

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