A ‘Second’ Last Look at Halloween

Last week, I took what I intended to be a last look at Halloween 2019. It turned out that I had more to say than what I had space for, so this is my second last look at Halloween 2019. And this second last look is definitely the last look…make sense?

Here’s a fourth reason why I enjoy Halloween every year; I listed three last week.

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I’m not a huge fan of leftovers. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, a few days after all is said and done, I’m usually tired of the leftovers, despite my wife’s creative efforts to disguise them. Periodically, when the Church I pastor in Carnduff has a potluck, the leftovers are sent home ‘with the Pastor’ and, as much as I appreciate the thoughtfulness, a few days later I’m ready for something different.

But it’s different with Halloween – the more leftovers the better! In fact, my wife and I intentionally plan for leftovers, under the pretense of making sure we have enough stuff to hand out. Usually around 140 trick or treaters will drop by our place, but we make sure we have enough treats to handle 500! We also make sure that what we hand out will be something that satisfies our own ‘sweet teeth’ just in case anything is left over! Since the leftovers would spoil before next Halloween, we have no choice but to eat them! With these leftovers, there’s none of that ‘leftovers again?’ way of thinking!

Let me give you a final reason why Halloween was so enjoyable this year…even if it was painful. I enjoy being the official pumpkin-carver in our home and I attempt to be more creative every passing year. I had two pumpkins to do this year and both were of the smaller variety, so I could only do something basic…you know, two triangular eyes, a triangular nose and an arching smile.

Wouldn’t you know it, as I was cutting the head open to take the brains out of the fairly pliable pumpkin, my knife slipped, striking the bottom of my thumb. It made quite the gash and bled pretty good – it could have probably used a few stitches. Then a few days later, a painful infection set in.

Now you might be wondering – why would that make Halloween enjoyable for you?

Well, this is why – it confirmed that perhaps I’m in the right careers after all. I pastor, I drive a school bus and I write for this newspaper, which are, for the most part, mind jobs. Imagine if I had elected to work as a carpenter or a plumber or an electrician…jobs requiring coordinated hand efforts! I’d likely have nothing left at the end of my arms…

…and I’d never have been able to write this article!

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