A game for the ages

For years, my favourite game was Scrabble. My Mom was a Scrabble whiz, so she introduced me to the game and, being one who enjoys words, the game was a natural fit for me. It was a game for the ages…the best one to play.

But then, a not-so-funny thing happened! Those I played against discovered the Scrabble dictionary and began using words - mostly 2-letter words - that, to me, were not really words at all. I thought Scrabble should be a game where players used their day-to-day vocabulary and competed to see who could use theirs the best. I mean, who used words like ‘qi’ and ‘xo’ in everyday talk? (I just made these words up, as I don’t own a Scrabble dictionary, but it looks like they must be words, because my computer spellchecker didn’t correct them!). As a result, I lost interest in playing because, more and more, the board was being filled up with words that I felt the people at Scrabble had invented and the game became Squabble as I argued with opponents about the words they played! (My wife was one of those people…but please don’t let her know I mentioned it!).

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And so, for over twenty-five years, my prized Deluxe Edition has sat on the shelf…gathering dust.

Well, that has changed in recent months. Although my Deluxe Edition still hasn’t moved, I have played a few games on other people’s Deluxe Editions. It started as a result of interviewing Don Melvin for the Seniors column that appears monthly in the New Era. I learned that he enjoyed playing Scrabble, so he and I got together one day and played several games…and we had a lot of fun! We didn’t squabble at all! Not too long after that, I met Ruth Townsend for another interview and upon bumping into her on another occasion, learned that she, too, loved the game. We talked about the possibility of a Scrabble match, and decided to get together for a game.

The stage was set for Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

I remember the date clearly - not because it was so recent, but because it was a game for the ages in another sense. In fact, I’ve come to call it the ‘enarian epic’. (That’s a non-Scrabble word, by the way…and my computer’s spell-checker even red-flagged it to let me know that it’s not a real word!).

By ‘enarian’, I mean that it was a sexagenarian (me) versus a nonagenarian (Ruth). In fact, Ruth is just a few months shy of being a centenarian! Ruth is the most senior Scrabble opponent that I’ve faced.

I want to relive that game for the ages with you, because it was so enjoyable, but it will have to wait another week.

In the meantime, please join us as we continue celebrating Christmas by worshiping Jesus this Sunday at Pierson Bible Chapel. Our service begins at 9:30 am. 

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