43rd Canadian Federal Election

Maguire takes Brandon Souris by 20,000 votes

The 43rd Canadian Federal Election took place on Monday, October 21, with voters from coast-to-coast heading to the polls to choose their representation and the countries government for the next four years.

Polling stations in Manitoba, including Brandon-Souris, opened at 8:30 a.m. local time and remained open until 8:30 p.m., after which time results from the area’s 177 polls started to be made available on the Elections Canada website.

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With all polls reporting, Maguire finished on top having received 63.5% of the vote. The next highest vote total belonged to Ashley Duguay (NDP) with 14.0% followed by Terry Hayward (Liberal) with 12.1%.

The Brandon-Souris Electoral District saw a record-tying eight candidates on the ballot including six representing political parties and two running independently. Also on the ballot were Bill Tiessen (Green Party, 7.2%), Robin Lussier (People’s Party, 1.6%), Rebecca Hein (Christian Heritage Party, 0.7%), Vanessa Hamilton (Independent, 0.5%) and Robert Eastcott (Independent, 0.3%).

Maguire’s share of the vote represents substantial gains over the 50.27% support received in 2015. The election marks the tenth straight Federal vote that the riding has voted Conservative or Progressive Conservative and the 21st time out of 22 dating back to the ridings creation in 1953.

According to Elections Canada data, Brandon-Souris has 62,415 registered voters covering the southwestern corner of Manitoba. 40,536 of those voted, representing a turnout of 64.95%.

The final results for Brandon-Souris: Larry Maguire CON - 25,509; Ashley Duguay NDP - 5,667; Terry Hayward LIB - 4,908; Bill Tiessen GRN - 2,914; Robin Lussier PPC – 664; Rebecca Hein CHP - 272; Vanessa Hamilton IND – 209; Robert Eastcott IND – 103.

The Liberal party formed a minority government – 157 seats, popular vote 33.06%; Conservatives - 121 seats, 34.4% popular vote; BQ – 32 seats, 7.7% popular vote; NDP – 24 seats, 15.91% popular vote; Green Party – 3 seats, 6.5% popular vote; Other - 1 seat, 0.8% popular vote. 

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