Galaxy Lanes Bowling Alley BBQ fundraiser

Melita Galaxy Lanes Bowling Alley held their first barbeque fundraiser of the summer on Tuesday, July 17. They were serving beef on a bun, chips, a couple small chocolate bars and a drink for $6, and the turnout was more than expected. They planned for 80 and before the night was done, they had run out to buy some ham to keep serving customers. They estimated at least 90 people turned out to support them.

The money raised will go towards keeping the bowling alley running. If something needs to be fixed, they use the money for the upkeep. This year they were planning to paint the inside and freshen things up. Built in the fall of 1962, it officially opened in March 1963 – marking 2018 as the 55th year Melita has enjoyed having a local bowling alley. The Melita and Area Bowling Association took over in 1974 from the previous owners, Fred and Helen Miller. Now it is completely volunteer run. Senior night is Tuesday, but they are always available for bookings. Kid’s birthdays are very popular and only cost $50, and increases for bigger family gatherings to $75. It is also possible to get a liquor permit that you provide yourself.

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The Melita Galaxy Lanes chairperson, Linda Jago said, “The bowling alley is very busy not only in our local community but all throughout Southwestern Manitoba. There aren’t many bowling alleys out there other than Brandon, so I think we are lucky to have it!”

If you haven’t been down to play a game or two for a while, the bowling alley will also be open during Banana Days from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 11. They will continue to fundraise by serving up another couple barbeques at the Farmer’s Market on July 24 and September 11 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. They invite you to come down to the Farmer’s Market, check out our local produce, and don’t worry about dinner, enjoy while also supporting Galaxy Lanes!

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