From the Mayor's Chair

I’d like to talk with you about the Lagoon Expansion Project. The lagoon was an aging infrastructure that unfortunately, we were forced to replace in order for the Town to keep it operational. It sustained damages from previous flooding incidents and coupled with its age, compromised its infrastructure. The agreement we received from the federal and provincial governments covered three-fourths (3/4) of the project cost. The Town’s share which is one-fourth (1/4) of the cost, was split equally on a per parcel payment.

The decision to replace the lagoon for a bigger and more updated system was the better option compared to the initial proposal of just repairing it which would have cost the Town $2.5M.

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Water and sewer along with the infrastructure related to both are necessities for the Town, and for every town or city, no matter the size. The project is 99% complete with just a few more items to construct or install in the coming weeks. It will be fully operational before the year ends. With the new lagoon’s capacity, we are able to handle future developments that will help our community be more sustainable.

I hope this answers your concerns but if you have any more questions, give me a call at 204-522-6524. Thank you.


The Town of Melita is one of the communities that will receive funding under the Clean Water and Wastewater Program. The construction of the lagoon started in 2017 after support was received from Federal and Provincial governments. The Town of Melita recently sent out letters to ratepayers regarding the Local Improvement Tax that will finance the Lagoon Expansion Project.

Sources of funding

Federal funding, 50%, $3,000,000; Provincial funding, 25%, $1,500,000; Town of Melita, 25%, $1,500,000. Total net cost of the project: $6,000,000.

The Lagoon Expansion Project was awarded to Fast Brothers. In 2017, they started hauling clay and raising berms as part of Phase 1 work. This year, the full rebuild of the primary and secondary cells along with aeration is done. The project is now in its final stages with the installation of a Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) system, which is a more innovative solution for small communities such as Melita. All of this is designed to remove harmful phosphates and nitrates converting the wastewater into clean water.

Prior to the expansion project, the old cells were operational since 1964 (secondary and tertiary cells) and 1976 (primary cell).

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