Cold and wet conditions persist

Southwest Crop Report

Cold and wet conditions persisted most of the week. Moisture received will not benefit most crops at this time, but good for recharging soil moisture reserves. Accumulated rainfall between 5 to 60 mm. Northern parts of the region received more rainfall week compared to southern areas. Growing Degree Days (GDD) are below normal in most of the region and Corn Heat Units (CHU) are generally between 92 to 100% of normal.

Very little harvest activity occurred during last week, with little progress percentage change from the previous week. Overall harvest would be about 20% complete with the majority of falling south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Spring cereals are near or in harvestable stages, with 30% complete south of Hwy 1. Further north, most barley has been done, but very few acres of spring wheat harvested due to high grain moisture content. Some lodging is visible in wheat and oat fields due to rains and strong winds.

Canola swathing continued last week. Producers who planned to straight cut are now swathing due to weather conditions. Around 70% of fields are swathed while the other 30% are later crops and remain standing.

Soybean crops are changing colour, and most fields are at R7 stage. Some varieties and fields, which got timely moisture, have good yield potential. Corn is at R4 to R5 stage, and recent rains are favoring weight gain, but need some heat to mature. Flax fields continue to dry down. Sunflowers are starting to enter R7 (flowering complete), and blackbird feeding may be an issue.

Recent rain events continue to help the fall grazing pastures and has reduced some early fall feeding and water shortage situations. Most feed has been put up except for corn silage. Warm, frost-free weather is needed to finish silage corn crops. Some producers are still looking for ways to help with the feed shortage as most areas reporting reduced yields. Recent rains have filled sloughs and got some streams running again. Dugouts are about 60 to 70 % full. 

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