Chamber asks, ‘Why leave home to shop!’

There’s a simple business axiom that states when you buy local goods and services, more money stays in the community and thus the community becomes stronger. Running with that philosophy, the Melita Chamber of Commerce has launched a year-long shop local program - ‘Why Leave Home To Shop!’

And all it costs is $5 to get your WLH (Why Leave Home) card - along with a passion to support the businesses in Melita.

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The card holder receives a discount when they purchase a product or service from those Melita businesses who are part of the shop local program.

The amount of the discount or offer is up to the participating businesses and every Melita Chamber of Commerce member is eligible to participate.

“Hopefully if it’s available in town, people will think of shopping here before they head out of town to shop,” said Darren Stewart, president of the Melita Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber has 500 WLH cards to sell. “I’d love to sell all the cards,” said Stewart, “but if we can sell 250 to 300, that would be considered a success.”

The importance of shopping locally cannot be underestimated. Studies have shown that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the community - money that is used for local taxes, supporting local community groups, purchasing local goods and services, employing local citizens. Of course, for every dollar spent outside the local community - and based on distance that the spent money is from the local community - the chances of that money coming back to the community is negligible, to zero.

Bottom line: the more money spent out of town, the weaker a local community becomes.

The shop local program began on December 1 and runs through to November 30, 2019 and it seems to have gotten off to a good start. “We’ve already had a few people come in a use them (WLH cards) at our place (Stewart’s Lumber and Supply),” said Stewart.

Currently, the cards can be purchased for $5 each at the following locations: Blossom Boutique, Polished, Chicken Chef, Melita Bakery, Melita Bigway, Melita New Era and Stewart’s Lumber.

If you would like more information on the Melita shop local program - ‘Why Leave Home To Shop!’, contact Darren Stewart at 522-3278 or

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