Adventure Day Camp – living up to its name!

It seemed like Adventure Day Camp for 2018 had just ended and the planning for 2019’s week of Camp was already under way. Before we knew it, the week was upon us. And now it’s over for another year!

You may be asking – what is Adventure Day Camp (ADC)?

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ADC is a week-long camp that is run by One Hope Canada (OHC). OHC has a passion for children. Not only do they hold these weeks of camp in churches throughout Manitoba every summer, but they also operate Bible Camps all across Canada. Turtle Mountain Bible Camp is the one that would be closest to our neck of the woods. The purpose of these Bible Camps and the ADC’s is to teach children who Jesus Christ is...and to have lots of fun along the way!

ADC is similar to Vacation Bible School, for those of you who are familiar with that. For one week, OHC comes to a community, in this case, Pierson, and works with the local churches to give Bible lessons through puppet shows, videos, songs, crafts and fun and games. Oh...and through food, too!

During the week of August 19 to 23, three young ladies – Ashley, Janett and Julia – came from southern Manitoba to work with Pierson Bible Chapel (PBC). They were billeted with families from the Church. OHC provided the program for the week; PBC provided the rest. Twenty-six children registered and from all appearances, they had a blast. Mornings were spent learning truths from the Bible, at times as a large group, at other times in smaller groups. The children watched a week-long puppet show unfold, learned new songs and listened as the ladies taught practical Bible lessons to help them in their day-to-day living. Usually about halfway through the morning, the kids took a ‘recess’ to fill themselves up with cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies, cookies and juice and water.

After a short lunch break, the children were at it again. A good part of the afternoons were spent outdoors. This year, two outings were planned. On Tuesday, the children loaded onto a bus and headed off to Melita for a couple hours of bowling. Then on Thursday, they were on the bus again, headed off to Melita again...this time to the pool where the kids were able to show off their swimming skills! Other afternoon activities included things like a photo scavenger hunt right in the town of Pierson. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to bus driver Dave Powell, who took a few hours off of work to volunteer his time driving the bus.

As Thursday’s program wound down, a wind-up barbecue was held on the lawn of the Chapel. At 5:00, hamburgers, hot dogs and the rest of the food that the children didn’t inhale during the week were served to the children, their parents and grandparents and to anyone else who happened to attend. When everyone had had their fill, a short program was held in the Chapel, where the kids energetically sang a couple of songs they had learned, to their families and friends. A short video capturing the highlights of the week completed the program. As the children were leaving, each of them were given a small backpack loaded with goodies for them to enjoy.

The ADC wound up Friday at noon. The kids went did the OHC team. It was their final week of camp for 2019...and of course, their best week of camp for 2019!

Thank you to all the kids who attended this year...and to the parents who sent them. From the Church’s point of view, it was a really good week!

And now the planning for 2020 begins!

© Melita New Era