Peirson's long time Irish Trivia Night a "Green" event

Hosted every year at the Pierson Community Hall on the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day, locals from far and wide went to join in on Irish Trivia Night and take their best guesses to winning a pot of gold.

  The event had an entrance fee of $40 and it supplied the teams with appetizers. There was also a bar, newly renovated at the Hall, attended by four bartenders, and about 15 teams at long tables filling out their answer sheets.

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  The skill testing questions were hard, and the four rounds played had a different questionnaire for each. It was clear from the first round whoever made up the questions, was trying to be as fare as possible to the differing age groups. Things like “Who played the lead role in the 1982 film Toosie?” where followed in the same round by “What was the name of Taylor Swift’s first album?”

  The difficulty of the questions, “What name was given to the 3.2 million year old Australopithecus afarensis bones in Ethiopia in 1974?” mixed in with questions like “Which 2003 film did Jack Black teach rock music to posh school kids?” was the norm for each sheet of questions.

  One of the audience members decided to shout out an answer to a question judges were asking. Chastised for telling everyone the answer, the judges wouldn’t admit if she was right or wrong, but it was likely that everybody answered that question correct. It was “What’s the only muscle in the body that’s attached at one end”, and she’d answered “tongue.”

  A 50/50 draw was won by Matt Tingey, with pot of over 100 bucks. When asked what he would do with the winnings Tingeys’ friend replied for him that he would spend his 100 bucks on another round.

  And the finals, the most points, questions answer right, and overall smarts at the end of the night, went to the Kermit’s Hermits, Heather Sandilands, Deb Foryth, Suzanne Minshull, and Charlotte Cameron.

  “We’re donating it all back, we have bragging rights, it’s worth more than money,” they said. It’s more important to keep the Trivia night and the Hall going.


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