Longtime group of bowlers at Galaxy Lanes

    The first time a group of local ladies experienced their love for bowling was at Galaxy Lanes in Melita in the early 1970s. To this day the five ladies, Dale Patterson, Francis Mccannell, Linda Jago, and Maria Snyder still enjoy bowling in each other’s company.

With over 46 years of experience bowling at Galaxy Lanes, Dale Patterson is one of the few women to have bowled there that long.

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“I’m not very good at it,” claims Patterson about her bowling skills, “the real reason I play the game is just for the fun of it.”

    Linda Jago, who has been friends with Patterson since the age of four, started bowling at about the same time - together they’ve been bowling ever since.

“When they were girls they used to set up the pins for their dad’s manually,” said Mary Snider.

Linda is currently in charge of looking after the bowling alley and is more than happy to open the doors at any time for people to come and play.

“Just call ahead, any time you want too,” she said, quite happy that she lives close by.

They all agreed on one thing, that the best part of bowling is the socializing. Every Thursday they’re at the lanes again, getting a game in and chatting away catching up from the week before.

    “Linda Jago says they used to have a banquet back when league bowling was more popular and competitions would take place. So as tradition, they all go out for dinner after, to make up for it.

    They all have hopes to see the younger generations start to use the bowling alley, that way they know it will keep being a part of the future of Melita. As the bowling alley is an important part of the community a trophy with the names of bowlers from the 1970s still stands on the windowsill to this day.

    “Tell more people to come,” said Patterson. “It’s fun and great exercise, we give free coffee, and sell snacks.”


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